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Move Ai
Move Ai
7 jobs develops patent pending AAA quality marker-less motion capture technology powered by computer vision and deep learning. Our software runs off any camera, can capture any relative volume size and can be deployed in any environment on the planet. It’s been tested to be directly comparable to existing suit/optical based systems and generates standard data formats that can be exported to any game engine in real time. Our mission is to enable the millions of animators and content creators globally to have access to the same level of motion capture as the AAA studios!
PumpJack DataWorks is a Texas based sports-technology service with offices in New York and Madrid that helps teams and venues of all sizes refine their digital strategy to lower their user-acquisition costs and increase their revenue per user. As new platforms of engagement become available The PumpJack data management system helps teams and venues gather and refine their fan data to better understand their audience, make better business decisions, and achieve new revenue opportunity through technology.
7 jobs
FEVO is the first social commerce platform that connects people and their networks to the brands and experiences they love with those they trust the most. All happening on your owned and operated site. This is the Social Cart™.
2 jobs
Greenfly is the world’s first and only advocacy marketing platform. The software platform and mobile app enables organizations to transform their athletes, sponsors and media rights holders into brand builders by harnessing the power of digital media. The emotional connection built organically through your biggest advocates on social media platforms is the key to building a brand that appeals to younger fans.
Sports Loft is the hub that brings together the global sports and media tech ecosystem in London. We provide the very best sports tech companies with access to leading investors and senior industry execs and we provide sports organisations / investors with access to the most exciting high growth tech companies. Our members are companies that can really excite the industry across seed, series A and Series B - we will only focus on sports and media tech as it is where we can add maximum value. Whilst we are based in London, we operate with a global perspective. A Sports Loft member might be an Israeli or US tech company wanting to work with Premier League football clubs, a UK tech company wanting to raise funding from UK or US investors or a UK company developing a product for international broadcasters. We bring these global startups, investors and sports organisations together.
Tagboard is a software platform aggregating social media content from multiple networks for end-users, brands and marketers.
Spalk's Virtual Commentary Studio powers sports commentary for some of the world's leading sports properties. Spalk's technology plugs directly into a broadcasters existing live-streaming workflow and allows them to offer multiple commentary options for their fans. Fans can pick a preferred commentator based on their language, styleor preferences. Over 30 million sports fans have consumed live content with commentary powered by Spalk. Commentators can call games, from a laptop, anywhere in the world and Spalk's plug-in ensures lip-sync perfect synchronisation between the viewers' selected commentator and the broadcaster's live video.
Satisfi Labs is an AI-powered Knowledge Management Platform that makes conversation with places possible. Its proprietary Answer Engine enables search for physical locations through conversational AI, allowing places to directly answer customer questions on-demand. The platform takes in structured and unstructured data and makes it AI-ready, allowing the Answer Engine to create expert virtual assistants on the web, mobile, SMS, and voice channels. Leading the development of conversational AI for the sports, tourism, and entertainment industries, the platform helps businesses discover new customer insights, increase sales, and improve customer experience. Satisfi Labs is backed by major investors including Google, MLB, Red Light Management, and TechStars.
GenMove, is an exercise app for kids that uses AI and augmented reality (AR) to turn the player into the controller, with their movement affecting the in-game environment. From Bubble Pop to Space Blast (ie. Space Invaders), the app’s games get phones out of kids’ hands and gamify fitness. Whole body movement games to get kids more active. Play anywhere, anytime. 40,000+ kids engaged so far.